Who We Are

Our History

Started in 2006, by a small group of six people led by Father Richard J. Quinn, Maryknoll Missionary (MM) who lived in Kenya for 46 years.

Our Goal

The overall goal for starting Stadi za Maisha Trust was to empower vulnerable members in our communities and hence give them a new lease on life.

Our Legal Status

The Trust is registered under the provisions of the Trust Perpetual Succession ACT (Cap 164 Laws of Kenya).

SZMET has supplemented the efforts of the Ministries of Education (MOE), Health (MOH), ICT, and lined government agencies in various programs including; gifted and Talented Education, Inclusive Early Years of Learning, Life Skills and Living Values, and Peace Education.

The Trust’s main objective is to advocate and enhance policies and programs development that are holistic in nature and hence support the pursuit of quality, affordable and equitable education.

Our Founder

Started in 2006, by a small group of six people led by Father Richard J. Quinn, Maryknoll Missionary (MM) who lived in Kenya for 46 years.

Why Us?

The Core Mission of the Trust is to advocate poverty alleviation through education, social and health issues that contribute to the sustainable development of the poor and marginalized without caste, creed, or color.

Empowered and inclusive communities with competence skills for their wellbeing.

Research, Design & Production of Multimedia Educational Materials, Advocacy, Capacity building, Designing and Development of Gifted and Talented Programs, and Inclusive Education in the Early Years of Learning

To work under the principles of integrity, honesty, and accountability to our clients, to reach out and respond to cross–cutting issues affecting children and young adults in Kenya.

What We Do

SZMET works in collaboration with the Government through various government agencies, local communities, schools, and Non-government organizations in capacity building and advocacy on education programs to supplement the National and County Governments through working closely with the Ministries of Education and Health to achieve Kenya Vision 2030 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s).

Our work includes Research on topical educational issues, Information supplementary support materials, re-integration of adult youths back to school, Inclusive Early Years of Learning, and Gifted and Talented Education in line with Special Needs.  These initiatives aim to improve quality, accessible, and equitable education by reducing poverty, literacy, and numeracy among children and youth including learners with disability, teachers, and parents.

Where We Work …

SZMET operates nationally with its target audience being local communities, i.e., formal and non-formal schools, churches, and mosques. We strive to make our programs relevant to the communities where we operate.

How We Do It …

We deliver our programs by involving the Government, Non – governmental organizations, and local communities both religious and non-religious structures where appropriate, in a transparent and cooperative manner that emphasizes collaboration rather than instruction. Our commitment is “Working Together to Promote the Development of Young People’s Wellbeing for a Better World”.

To fulfill our Vision and Mission, SZMET organizes its work under six broad components:

  • Developing high-quality innovative programs to fulfill the educational needs of all learners in the communities where we work
  • Advocating and promoting better policies in the area of education
  • Developing relationships and networking with local/international stakeholders as well as donors and other NGOs working in the field
  • Promotion of programs ownership in the communities
  • Building and sustained organization that is open, free fair, transparent, and accountable
  • Dissemination of programs reports widely among the key stakeholders.

Our Collaborates

Stadi za Maisha Trust collaborates with both local and international higher learning institutions and non-profit groups to champion its initiatives.
We don’t walk alone below are some of the organizations we walk with: